St. Andrew's Services


5:30 pm Wednesday Service​​ is usually a small gathering of 15 to 20 participants who share in a brief service with no music. The service offers a homily, prayers and Holy Eucharist.


Early Sunday Morning

8:00 am Sunday Service is a Holy Eucharist (Communion) service. This service is normally conducted from one of the most traditional liturgies, known as the Rite Two liturgy, found in our Book of Common Prayer. 

Coffee and refreshments are offered after worship.

Sunday Morning

10:15 am Sunday Service is a celebration Holy Eucharist (Communion) service with music and choir. Worship begins with confession and absolution so that all participants enter the celebration and worship with clean hearts and minds. The service normally follows an ancient-modern approach to the liturgy. We seek to engage all of the senses, using variations of an order of service in the Book of Common Prayer known as the Rite Two liturgy.

  • The service features significant involvement by members of the congregation, following an ancient-modern approach to the liturgy in the hopes that not only the mind but the spirit of the worshiper is touched.

  • A Nursery is provided for toddlers under the age of 4.

  • A Children’s Moment Is included in the service.

Coffee and refreshments are served before and after worship.