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Children's Formation

A child's full participation in worship lays the foundation of their formation. Recognizing more words each Sunday as they follow along in the service, carrying the cross and torches, reading scripture, offering/bringing forth the bread and wine, receiving communion (some have no memory of not receiving, others know they were warmly welcomed when they first began receiving), and as the days turn into years, they find the repeating rituals that make up Sunday worship have shaped, and continue to shape their mind, body, and spirit in a lasting/steadfast manner.

Children's Chapel

While we value the spiritual nourishment children receive during worship, we also recognize their age appropriate developmental needs. Children's Chapel makes use of the less engaging portion of worship for children; they depart at the beginning of the Sermon and return just after Confession.

Children's Chapel is held in the midst of our Godly Play story room. Children alternate between listening to and wondering about a Bible story shared in the Godly Play storytelling style or following a simple prayer liturgy that teaches them how to set a space to pray as well as practice praying the simple liturgy together.


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