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Grade schoolers and older serve as attendants to the clergy at the altar in this act of service and stewardship. Acolytes assist in worship by carrying the processional cross or crucifix, lighting and extinguishing candles, holding a torch at the reading of the gospel, and helping with the presentation of the bread, wine, and gifts of the people.

Under the direction of the clergy, Altar Guild is responsible for setting up and caring for the furnishings in the Nave, Sacristy, and any other area of the church where special worship will take place. The Altar Guild is a ministry of "quiet service". It's a critical behind the scenes act of services to the church.


Altar Guild

Adult Formation #2 2021.JPG

Christian Education
For All Ages

You'll find Christian Formation opportunities for adults, children and youth of all ages such as Sunday morning formation at 9:15, Weekly Lectionary Bible Study on Tuesdays from 12:10-12:50, Childrens Chapel for a portion of worship Sunday morning, and seasonal childrens gatherings throughout the year.

The Communication Ministry Group focuses on growing numbers attending St. Andrew's, and welcoming and engaging new visitors and volunteers.


Communication Ministry


Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors serve any parishioner unable to attend church but would like to receive communion and has requested a Eucharistic visit by calling our church office.  Prerequisites include special training and confirmation.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM) serve at Sunday worship services and other special services where there is communion serving the cup. In addition, at the 8AM service they read the lessons and serve as acolytes helping the priest set the table for celebration of Holy Eucharist. Special certification is required. Lectors serve at Sunday worship, reading the lessons, leading the Psalm, and offering the Prayers of the People at the 10:15AM service. 


Lay Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors


Lenten Suppers
& Programs

On Wednesdays, during the Lenten season, a simple supper of a variety of soups, bread, and cheese. A short Lenten program is presented during the supper hour.

Members of the Mutual Care Ministry Group visit parishioners who are in the hospital or homebound. They focus on exploring community partnerships and maintaining the Blessing Box outside of the Nave.


Mutual Care Ministry


Red Wagon

St. Andrew's youth present the food items donated at the altar every Sunday. Donations are taken to the Salvation Army or used to fill our Blessing Box. Help hundreds of our neighbors eat a little healthier and get St. Andrew's youth involved in an important community service.

The Resources Ministry Group bases their services on maintaining the Church building and educating the parish about financial realities as a part of our stewardship.


Resources Ministry


Every winter, volunteers from St. Andrew's report to designated locations to ring bells and collect donations for the Salvation Army.

Ringing for Salvation Army

Teams of St. Andrew's volunteer cooks prepare luncheon meals, from scratch, every second full week of each month at St. John's Baptist Church in Lawton. Each team, (5-7 members) prepares their lunch from concept to completion, menu preparation, purchase of ingredients, and of course cooking and serving meals to any and all who are hungry. Each team typically serves between 80 and 130 persons. 


St. John's
Feeding Ministry


Walking Together

Walking Together Ministry members concentrate on providing learning opportunities that encourage spiritual growth for all ages, and chances for directed and organic conversations. This group supervises ideas on how to better showcase St. Andrew's in the community. 

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