Mission Statement
Connecting people to Jesus and one another.

Core Beliefs

  • The goodness of God in Christ is implanted in each of our hearts, and therefore love lives in each of us. (Human Nature)

  • Through Jesus' empty tomb, we live in ultimate promise that we are already bound for heaven. (Resurrection)

  • Sacraments, both official and unofficial, are windows of affirmations into God's longed-for reality. (Sacramental)

  • God's pattern is one of seeing the goodness possible in the midst of our mistakes. (Grace)

  • We are designed for and strengthened by relationships. (Trinity)

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a caring, concerned congregation of believers in Jesus Christ. We are receptive, responsible, and warm to all His people, both members and newcomers alike. Our vision is to be true disciples of Christ through outreach, Christian education and pastoral care; and to be receptive and responsive to new ideas and issues while remaining faithful to Christ’s teaching and the direction of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and the Anglican Communion.

Our love of God and our neighbor encourages us to be Christ-like in our lives and

inspires our servant-hood, both within our church and in the community as a whole.  

Our love of God manifests in our treasured tradition of worship; the sacredness of the physical space of our worship brings each of us individually closer to God; and our magnificent pipe organ focuses our expression of our love of God through sacred song and music. We minister our love of our neighbor through our numerous hospitality activities and through our many individual, small group and corporate ministries within our church and throughout our community.

Our inherent generosity, both as individual church members and as a community of God, enables our love of God and our neighbor: we cheerfully give to God through our many donations of our time, talents and earthly goods.