Balancing Our Beliefs:  

The Three-Legged Stool

The image of a three-legged stool is often used as reference when talking about how we understand the three essentials pieces - Scripture, tradition, reason - of our Christ-centered faith tradition.  

Listen to longtime member Blake Dutcher share why he loves the Episcopal Church

The Bible:

We call the "Holy Scripture the Word of God because we understand God inspired its human authors and because God still speaks to us through the Bible" with the "help of the Holy Spirit."                   (Book of Common Prayer page 853 & 854)

  • Consistent in Scripture is God's pattern of seeing our goodness in the midst of mistake.

  • With  Jesus’ empty tomb, we live in ultimate promise that we are already bound for heaven.

The Book

of Common Prayer

70% of the Book of Common Prayer is comprised of Holy Scripture.


, reason (questions are welcome, some we can conjure logical and acceptable answer, but we can’t answer them all … there is always an element of mystery in faith)

o    We are designed for and strengthened by relationships. (Trinity) - … prayer