Worship in the Episcopal Church engages all the senses (sight, sound, smell, voice, touch and taste). Often formally referred to

as the “liturgy,” taken from the ancient Greek word, leitourgia, meaning “work for the people.” It cannot happen without people gathered to participate. In this sense, the “liturgy” could also be called “the work of the People;” it is a participatory experience that seeks to draw us closer to God using all our senses.  


At Saint Andrew’s you will find people from all walks of life gathered to worship on Sundays using the Eucharistic/Communion liturgy with two distinct styles. We believe two options allow parishioners to find the service that best fits their spiritual journey.   It is a special blessing and true joy when parishioners from the two services connect through a joint service or frequent churchwide activity. Please note, connecting the two worship services is spiritual formation.


The early service begins at 8:00 (Sunday).  It is an intimate, quieter, more contemplative worship.  

The later service begins at 10:15 (Sunday). It, too, includes quieter and more reflective moments, while incorporating the work

of all those gathered - from the youngest to the oldest.  Children fulfill key roles throughout worship (be it carrying the cross

and torches, bringing forth the bread and wine, or serving as a reader), midway through worship they depart for Children’s Chapel and return to share in Communion.  Our prayers and praise/adoration/thanks bookend worship with (Traditional)

hymns on the piano and organ with a variety of musical accompaniments. 

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) serve at Sunday worship services and other special services where there is communion serving the cup.  In addition, at the 8 AM service, they read the lessons and serve as acolytes helping the priest set the table for celebration of Holy Eucharist. 

If interested, please contact the office or the Rector.

Lectors serve at Sunday worship, reading the lessons, leading the psalm, and offering the Prayers of the People at the 10:15 AM on Sunday.

If interested please contact the office or the Rector.

Altar Guild is a ministry of service. The members of the Altar Guild serve the Church under the direction of the clergy and are responsible for setting up and caring for the furnishings in the nave, sanctuary, and sacristy, as well as any other area of the church where special worship will take place.

The Altar Guild is a ministry of “quiet service”. It’s a critical behind the scenes act of service to the church. Participation is encouraged in this important ministry and we welcome both men and women to join our “teams” as they take pride in preparing all areas of our church for worship. 

If interested in joining the Altar Guild, please contact Ruth Dutcher at 580-678-3793

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