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The Rev’d Stephanie Jenkins

The Rev’d Stephanie Jenkins, Rector of Saint Andrew’s - Lawton, grew up in southwest Oklahoma, with both sides

of her family shaped by their Oklahoma roots. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma - BA Sociology (2000) and Episcopal Divinity School – Cambridge, MA - Master of Divinity (2010). Ordination followed July 2010. 

She has served as a curate, Saint Luke’s-Bartlesville, OK; assistant, Saint Peter’s-Weston, MA; Episcopal Diocese

of Kansas - Campus Missioner, in addition to mothering Henry, age 9, and Cora age 7.  


Oklahoma’s red dirt, open skies, rolling  plains, strong winds, springtime storms followed by summer heat and

the welcome cool winds of fall are home like no place else to Rev’d Stephanie.  Growing up, she was shaped by

the love filled community of Christ followers worshipping together at All Saints’ Episcopal Church at the corner of

9th & Cedar in Duncan in all their theological variety. There she experienced firsthand God’s unconditional love

and belonging.  

Were it not for the faithful at the corner of 9th & Cedar in Duncan, she’s not sure where else she would have gotten such an expansive experience of God’s all encompassing love growing up in rural southwest Oklahoma. This way of loving remains a crucial voice in our corner of the world, and is her greatest aspiration for Saint Andrew’s - to be an inclusive Christ centered community open to the power of the Holy Spirit right here in the Lawton/Ft Sill community. 


david gabriele.jpg

David Gabriele

David holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music and a Master's Degree in Social Work. He was drawn to Saint Andrew's nine years ago by the idea of not only saying we welcome everyone, but practicing inclusiveness. Since his arrival in the community, David has sung with the choir, participated as an EfM student, participated and led adult education, and served as a Vestry member. Since 1985, David has worked in the behavioral health field; currently David serves as a Transitional Case Manager at GEO group.

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy has been a member of St. Andrew's for more than 20 years. He has served as treasurer of St. Andrew's for 6 years. Although his term will end soon, Jimmy says his commitment to St. Andrew's has never faltered (and never will). We appreciate Jimmy's business acumen and experience. He has kept St. Andrew's operating in a professional fashion.


Allison Simpson
Nursery Attendant

Camryn Simpson
Nursery Attendant

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