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LEM, Lectors, Altar Guild


Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM)

Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve at Sunday worship services and other special services where there is communion serving the cup. In addition, at the 8AM service, they read the lessons and serve as acolytes helping the priest set the table for celebration of Holy Eucharist. Special certification is required.



Lectors serve at Sunday worship, reading the lessons, leading the psalm, and offering the Prayers of the People at the 10:15AM service. 


Altar Guild

Altar Guild is a ministry of service. The members of the Altar Guild serve the Church under the direction of the clergy and are responsible for setting up and caring for the furnishings in the nave, sanctuary, and sacristy, as well as any other area of the church where special worship will take place.

Monthly Minister's Schedule

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