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Saintly Senior Singles

People who consider themselves senior, (AARP says 50+) are invited to participate.

Join us for fellowship, food and fun!


After Action Report

July 1: Pizza Lunch - Our first gathering was in the Parish Hall.

10 people attended.

July 9: Dinner at the Silver Spoon, then to the Leslie Powell Gallery for the art contest.

7 people attended.

August 28: Wine & Cheese Cocktail Party hosted in the home of Jean Rabb. It was beautiful and delicious! Then to the Philharmonic for "Oklahoma." What a treat... we got our money's worth! After "Oklahoma" some of us went to Braum's.

11 people attended.

We have gathered and are enjoying our times together!
This is a blessing!


If interested in joining, please contact Donna Watson at 580-355-6501 for more information!

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