In summer 2021, the Blessing Box for the Mind, Body, and Soul was constructed. 

This box is meant to be an outward and visible expression of God's love for all who pass by it. It remains accessible around-the-clock, seven days a week to those in the neighborhood with a need.

Items requested:

1) small books for children (for the Mind)
2) non-perishables in jars & cans (for the Body)
3) prayer touchstones & prayer requests (for the Soul)

Blessing Box Kids - Website 2021.jpg
blessing box.jpg


The Church is set up for on-line giving through’s Secure On-line payments

On-line payments can be either ACH Bank Transfers, Debit/Credit Cards, or Apple Pay

When selecting the account to give, choose 'Blessing Box'

That way we know the intended purpose of your donation and we will only use those funds to stock our Blessing Box. is an industry leader on Church on-line giving.  Their site is very safe, secure, and easy to use.