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Holy Week - Good Friday

Walk the Stations of the Cross at noon & attend the Good Friday liturgy at 6:00PM.

What Abides

For Good Friday

You will know

this blessing

by how it

does not stay still,

by the way it

refuses to rest

in one place.

You will recognize it

by how it takes

first one form,

then another:

now running down

the face of the mother

who watches the breaking

of the child

she had borne,

now in the stance

of the woman

who followed him here

and will not leave him


Now it twists in anguish

on the mouth of the friend

whom he loved;

now it bares itself

in the wound,

the cry,

the finishing and

final breath.

This blessing

is not in any one

of these alone.

It is what

binds them


It is what dwells

in the space

between them,

though it be torn

and gaping.

It is what abides

in the tear

the rending makes.

—Jan Richardson

from Circle of Grace

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