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Holy Week - Tuesday: Rev'd Isaac Mwangi

Reflect on the passage selected for this Holy Tuesday from John 12:20-26. Is there a word/phrase that catches your attention? Explore why this is.

By Rev'd Isaac Mwangi

When I read John 12:20-26, what stands out to me is the humble request of the Greeks to see Jesus. Considering that Jesus was seen as a messiah for the Jews, such a request by non-Jews was un-imaginable. Their deep desire to see Jesus surpasses their cultural inhibitions. They went to an extent of seeking a connector to link them with Jesus. Instead of avoiding them or agreeing to meet them, Jesus talked about his impending death and the multiplicity of grace which would come out of the death. After his death, no single individual or community would claim to own him or have exclusive access to him. He would instead become available to all, Greeks and Jews alike. The story changes from limited access based on background, ethnicity, religion, language, etc, to a multiplicity which translates to open access for all regardless.

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