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Holy Week - March 27: Rachel James

Plan your Holy Week. Consider, are there any pieces of your Lenten reflections thus far you would like to give particular attention through prayer and action during Holy Week?

By Rachel James

A Necessary Change

If there is one theme that has emerged through my Lenten fast and disciplines, it has been that sometimes change is necessary. When I began thinking about Lent this year, I was still trying to discern how to make some necessary changes in my spiritual life. The week before Ash Wednesday, some things happened that pushed me into that change and into the pews of St. Andrews the first Sunday of Lent.

It was a very disorienting time and I decided that in addition to my social media fast, I would commit to praying the Daily Office every day through Lent. I had just made one of the biggest changes in my life and I felt like I need the grounding. I don’t know what I expected to find but what I found was so much more. I found that in creating a new rhythm in my spiritual life, I found more peace and rest than I have ever experienced before.

As I plan my Holy Week, and anticipate the beginning of new patterns and yearly rhythms, I hope to carry with me this idea that in rhythm God often speaks necessary change into our lives. May I never approach the rhythms and patterns of this spiritual journey with anything but the expectation that God is going to call me into the changes that draw me closer and deeper to God’s heart.

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