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Holy Week - Monday: Rev'd Dwight Helt

Reflect on the passage selected for this Holy Monday from John 12:1-11. Is there a word/phrase that catches your attention? Explore why this is.

By Rev'd Dwight Helt

It’s not always about politics or social action, though as baptized people we have sworn to engage in these for the sake of justice and peace and the dignity of all people. Sometimes it’s about friendship, common emotions, and loving kindness shown in the deepest intimacy of human contact. The Evangelist John opens a door for us into the secret life of Jesus when he is among his closest friends.

When your soul is heavy with grief, when your certainty is clouded with doubt, when you are already watching the falling away of once trusted colleagues, and when you need comfort, not conversation, where do you go? Jesus goes to Mary, Martha and Lazarus, time and again. Judas is clueless and out of step. Mary knows what is best and responds. She says her goodbyes to her beloved with funeral oil and kisses.

Fr. Helt

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