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Reflection Day 14: Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

Take a five-minute walk around your neighborhood, work, or church location. What do you see? Who do you see?

By Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

I couldn’t help but notice when I walked around Saint Andrew’s before writing this reflection, there is new life stirring in our midst despite approaching the year mark of living in a pandemic, that has brought such heartache, upheaval, and death.

On the first Sunday in Lent, we resumed “in person” worship; from my experience it was as joyful of gathering as we could experience in the context of the First Sunday of Lent. Perhaps it would better be termed a meaningful gathering.

As I walked around the church today, reflecting on this question, I was reminded of the people who gathered to worship and learn over the past two Sundays.

Longtime members gathered to worship with those who’ve joined the church just before the pandemic closed the building and joining them were several people worshipping at Saint for the first time.

Yes, it’s been an incredibly hard year, and as I walked around the church evidence of new life in many forms tangible (see pictures on our Facebook).

- a piece of art hung in the hallway by one of our newest and younger members of the congregations -a revamped and painted nursery that’s already been put to use on Sundays - a Godly Play room with its relatively newly update awaits the return of children when the times comes

-the Parish Hall has taken on a new function - gathering space for the 8:00 & 5:30 worship gatherings helping spread worship keeping numbers low to support safe Covid practice

- bibles and prayerbooks adorned the coffee table in the Fireplace Room (evidence that the Confirmation Class preparing for new members for the bishop’s visit March 21) - evidence of the wardens work to update and revamp policies to present to the Vestry in the near future can be seen across the “board table” in the same Fireplace Room

It’s hard to imagine being anywhere else as we continue to walk Saint Andrew's life of faith together.

May we continue to respond to God’s call to serve God’s children together - the longtime friends, the stranger, the new arrivals at our doorstep, the people that challenge us, the people different than us, and everyone in between.

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