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Reflection Day 16: Elizabeth Fabrega

Social Media exercise: scroll through your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed. What are the themes of joy or concern? Where do you see God in your feed?

By Elizabeth Fabrega

Being just a few months away from a “mile marker” age this year, and seeing many of my peers turn the same age as well I’ll admit when the first “happy birthday” messages starting popping up on social media for those friends I had to do a double take and go “Wow. We are at that age now?” When did that happen?

Social media has a funny way of surprising you like that.

Certainly not all of social media is good surprises but overall I’m fortunate that for me it’s a great way to stay in touch with many of my family and friends from all over the country. I’m also at a point in my life that it’s not my only point of social contact. I see it as a tool to enhance the personal relationships I already have but it is no substitute for face to face chats and phone calls and lunches and dinners and coffee and drinks. Just like virtual church is a supplement and enhancement , but not a replacement for gathering in person.

God’s presence in life is much Iike those good surprises that appear on my social media. I’m looking for one thing or focused on something else and yet he pops up. I might scroll across a post about a scripture verse, a friend’s mission work in an orphanage, or even our own St. Andrews reflections and messages appear. I see those as little reminders to know he’s always there. But am I always there for him? As I go through the increasingly busy days of life, I’m using this time of Lenten reflection to not wait for God to “pop up" in my feed but for me to actively seek out more time with him.

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