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Reflection Day 20: Nan Mazza

Reflect on what you love about your workplace or workspace. What realities suck joy out of that space?

By Nan Mazza

I spent twenty five years as a science teacher at Lawton High School. One of the greatest joys in this role was the opportunity to work with students who were actively engaged in their future, especially those who were using education to travel a different path out of family hardship. It was satisfying to be a small part of that effort.

At the same time, I would look around and see so many students who were seemed to be headed down the same path of hardship that was often established in their family. Year in and year out this sadness took its toll on me.

It took practice and prayer to find some sort of peace that I was doing all I was able to do in these situations. Some days were easier than others, and some days not.

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