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Reflection Day 27: Caroline Franco

Reflect on a time when you made a public commitment. Have you remained faithful to it? How has it changed your life?

By Caroline Franco

My family and I first visited Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Lawton about 25 years ago, for the Easter Day Service and Easter Egg Hunt.

I didn’t think much about commitment when we first decide to attend Church here on a regular basis. As I reflect for this daily reflection question during this year’s lent “Walking Together Through Lent”, I cannot help but look back on how much St. Andrew’s has come to mean for me and my family.

Shortly after we started attending I started helping in the Kitchen. At first it was a way to help behind the scenes. Little did I know, that this would lead to a commitment to serve St. Andrew’s community outside the bounds of our Church walls. I have never been one that likes to be in the spotlight.

After our 4 children were out of the home, a chance to volunteer presented itself to me. When a call for cooks and helpers to help at the St. John’s feeding ministry was announced at church. I saw my chance. That was now about 8 years ago, when I first started as a volunteer helper. Today, that commitment has led to being the lead for the second Tuesday of each month.

I really enjoy the fellowship with my cooking buddies and the interaction with the people we meet. Their welcoming smiles and thank-you are very rewarding.

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