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Reflection Day 31: James Lynn

Perform a simple act of intentional love today. If asked why, answer authentically and share your faith and how it motivates you.

By James Lynn

As most of you already know, St. Andrew’s has had a number of electrical problems after a lightning strike. In an attempt to help figure out where our problems lay our electrician decided it might be best if he looked over our contractor electrical diagrams to get a better understanding of our church’s circuitry. As he was opening different tubes of diagrams, he came upon a set of contractor diagrams from a Baptist church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area dated 1986. I have no idea how we ended up with them. I called their church and spoke to Sharon and told her I would be sending them to her church for their historical records or if they might ever need them in case they ever had any electrical, plumbing or other mechanical problems.

So today I sent those diagrams to their church. Call it loving thy neighbor as thyself, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you or, even more simply put, doing the right thing.

One church helping another church. We’re all in this together …

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