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Reflection Day 33: Jim Benton

TODAY is Confirmation and Reaffirmation! Reflect on the last 29 days. How do you feel different?

By Jim Benton

First of all, I was brought up Roman Catholic; so after revolving around several different denominations/churches as an adult, I feel like I have – in a way – come “full circle”.

I read the book “Walk In Love” before the Confirmation class started, and so learned a lot about the Episcopalian faith before the Confirmation class began. When I was reading the book, and later re-reading chapters during the class (and discussing subjects during the class), I actually started to find that this is where I truly have belonged all along. Other things I have learned in the process make me so happy that I have found this church and this denomination. I feel like I have, in the process, grown as a Christian here; I am so excited to become an Episcopalian!

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