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Reflection Day 34: Jim Benton

Reflect on the liturgy yesterday. What was the most inspirational part of the Confirmation, Reception or Renewal of Vows or Reception service for you? Where did you see or feel God?

By Jim Benton

As I recall the entire Liturgy from yesterday March 21st, I feel that – first and foremost – the entire service was inspiring! To me, the fact that it was Bishop Poulson's visit was also an inspiration to me. Becoming Confirmed also made this all the more inspiring.

I think that the most inspirational part of the Liturgy was when we recited during the Confirmation Liturgy the Apostle's Creed. As a child growing up, I remember reciting the Apostle's Creed during Mass, but it was always to me at that time ' just part of the worship service ' and never was special to me. Yesterday, it just seemed so much more profound to me. I can't explain why, other than just how special this whole day was to me.

Where I FELT God was when I was kneeling on the Altar when Bishop Poulson laid his hands on me. I just felt like this was such a “holy” moment to me. With his blessing, I felt that 'this' is where I now “belong” spiritually. I felt really proud of where I am; and so proud of the others who were confirmed with me.

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