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Reflection Day 8: Joanne Boyer

Think of your life. When did you feel close to God? When did you feel far away? What brought you home?

By Joanne Boyer

Much of my experience of feeling closest to God is intimately tied to worshipping and being a part of an Episcopal community. From early memories of life attending the Episcopal Church (my grandfather who lived with my family immigrated from England) to today, worshipping with a community of believers through the liturgy reminds me of God’s closeness. There have been times when finding an Episcopal congregation to worship with was a challenge, for example while living in Germany with our new born daughter Erica.

Upon arrival to Lawton/Ft Sill, we attended Saint Margaret’s, which was in the neighborhood, until it merged with Saint Andrew’s in the early 1990’s. Saint Margaret’s closure was bittersweet, and for a time we worship on post at Old Post Chapel at the Episcopal service with my nephew, who was stationed at Ft Sill. Eventually though, longtime members of Saint Andrew’s, who were also friends of ours, invited us to attend a conference in Norman with Fr. Hunkins. Gently and generous they said to us, “It’s time for you all to begin worshipping at Saint Andrew’s now. Don’t’ you think you’ve been worshipping at Old Post Chapel long enough; your nephew isn’t stationed there anymore anyway.”

And so, we arrived at Saint Andrew’s, to this congregation where I continue to feel close to God each time we gather.

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