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Reflection Day 24: Rev'd Isaac Mwangi

Read over the Baptismal Covenant (found on pages 304-305 in the Book of Common Prayer). In what areas do you need to grow with the help from the Holy Spirit? What does that help/support look like?

By Rev'd Isaac Mwangi

In the Baptismal Covenant one vows to believe that God created everything. It is un-Christian to subscribe to other theories of creation. One also vows to believe in the divinity of Jesus and his dual nature, truly God and truly human. Also, the sacrificial death, the mystery of the resurrection and the place of Jesus in God's kingdom. One also subscribes to the works and power of the Holy Spirit and the words of the Apostle's Creed. There must be a commitment to a life of prayer and participating in the Eucharist, living a godly and repentant life, being an example of Christlikeness by loving and serving other and striving for justice, peace and dignity for all humanity.

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to believers and when she came at Pentecost, she revealed God's thoughts to believers and also taught and guided them in all truth and continues to do so to those who believe and are baptized. (John 14:26)

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