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Reflection Day 4: Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

Think about the last 24 hours. What has given you joy? Name them, and give thanks.

By Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

This past year especially, seeing joy has best been found in the simply things. Often for me, I find joy in conversations with and comments made by Henry and Cora.

Yesterday Cora spent some time playing with a friend after a week being “snowed” in with brother, mom, dad, dog, and two cats. It brought me great joy to think about the delightful chatter and giggles of two little girls just playing together. For me there is nothing else like the chatter of young children playing together!

Then there is Henry, who is picking up some of our family expressions and humor. It makes me smile and chuckle when out of the blue he’ll use a phrase or mimic a voice as we go about ordinary tasks. It catches me off guard sometimes, in the best of ways, in how he brings these expressions into conversation.

And so, I give thanks for the joyful gift of watching them find their own ways in the midst of our shared life together.

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