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Reflection Day 5: Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

Think about the last 24 hours. What has challenged you and provided an opportunity to grow? Name them, and give thanks.

By Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

When I think about challenges, it’s necessary given the place I hold life, to first give thanks that my most basic needs of life are met - food, clean water, a warm and safe place to stay, and access to health care. There are injustices - a lack of access to most basic needs, then there are profound struggles, then perhaps hardships, then somewhere far down the list is where my idea of challenges fall. And yes, I certainly do have these; we all do. One I’ve encountered in the last 24 hours, which I encounter just about every 24 hours is a perceived “lack of time.”

If you’ve been following along in our daily Lenten reflections, you’ll know the Lenten discipline I’ve set for myself is “slowing down.” I’m seeing a pattern emerging already in my Lenten discipline; it has something to do with time, as in the 24 hours in the day, and my relationship to it and thereby with God.

I trust more clarity on this observation will arrive as I tend to this observation during Lent if I continue to pray and pay attention. This is my invitation for growth.

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