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Reflection Day 18: Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

Reflect on your immediate and extended family. Where is there healing? Where do you see God moving?

By Rev'd Stephanie Jenkins

I didn’t do the best job planning Henry’s birthday weekend last weekend. Thank goodness “Grandmere” made him his requested meal and cake then hosted our family and my brother’s family at their home in Duncan.

It’s been challenging to meet parents of school friends at a new school in the age of Covid. Eventually the birthday invites Henry made did make it from our house, out of Henrys bag, into a few friends bags, then to parents friends homes and I got a text saying - “What’s this about a party?"

But the above hadn’t happened before the family birthday party and I failed to bring buy or bring presents to the party, although he did have a fun treasure hunt around the house looking for a cash gift (again thanks to “Grandmere”). He was visibly disappointed.

Mom was sad and knew she’d missed an important moment.

Just last night, a week and a halfway after a new 9 year olds actual birthday - we had a few friends over with their parents and shared food and played outside. Legos (of Harry Potter theme) were a plenty as well as a great new book with a magical adventure.

It was wonderful to meet Henry’s friends and their parents; we approve!

Adults got to talk uninterrupted, a small pack of kids played outside until dark and then began running through the house to play as they played “Granny and Grandpa,” a few kitties might have enjoyed a few tastes of leftovers on the table, and an old dog got lots of “lovies."

Henry’s comment this morning was “That was hands down the best birthday party EVER, with real friends, not just a bunch of random people!”

A little birthday healing occurred and God was certainly moving in it all.

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