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Reflection Day 37: Rev'd Dwight Helt

Feast of Annunciation (Book of Common Prayer - page 240) - Consider if the incarnation or crucifixion holds more impact in the broad Christian tradition and then specific to the Episcopal tradition. Could they be equally important?

By Rev’d Dwight Helt

In the beginning the spirit moved over the face of the waters and the earth gave birth to a profusion of life in countless forms. Finally, as the mark of completion, the spirit birthed humankind from the dust. Countless years passed under the eternal stars and the two legged forgot their identity and destiny. The earth and sky wept. Then in the fullness of time the spirit moved again in the life of a young woman and she gave birth to a child, joined of earth and sky, fire and water, dust and wind. The child called to remembering the destiny stamped on each at the beginning of time. A new humanity walked the earth, and the fruit of righteousness sprang up in its path.

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