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Reflection Day 7: Jimmy Lee

Who introduced you to Jesus? How did they introduce you to Jesus?

By Jimmy Lee

His eye is on the sparrow…

I was raised in a loving Christian household where our Church was the center of religious and social life. I was introduced to Jesus from my earliest recollections as a child. Sunday school every week and bible school every summer provided a constant picture of early biblical life, from Jonah in the whale, to the coming of the Christ Child and Christmas, to feeding thousands with two loaves and five fishes, to the crucifixion. As I grew a little older, and wiser, but still only a child, I began to question what it all meant.

My mother had a sweet voice. She was a member of the Church choir and often sang solos as part of the services. Around the house she sang her favorites as she went about the daily responsibilities of running the household. One of her favorites contained the phrase, “His Eye is on the Sparrow, so I know he watches over me.”

In the spring of 1956, our Church began the construction of a two-story extension for social activities and Sunday school classes. Our membership was long on dedication but limited in financial resources. It was determined the labor would be provided by the members. I was always big for my age so I was allowed to participate.

We were pouring concrete on what would become the floor of the second story. Concrete was hoisted by block and tackle in large buckets, poured into a large two-wheel carrier and pushed to the working face. My job that day was to push the carrier. While I waited for the bucket to be hoisted, I remember looking over the side of the building to the men working below. While it was only ten to twelve feet, it looked much higher to a nine-year-old.

When my carrier was loaded, I placed my hands on the push bar, tilted in backward, and turned to begin my delivery to the other side of the structure. I had been told to always turn away from the edge of the building, but this time I turned the wrong way. The carrier gained momentum from the turn and started pushing me. I dug in with my legs, but I wasn’t strong enough to stop the momentum. I was being pushed toward the edge. I remember the fear and helplessness washing over me. As I approached the edge I was certain I was going over with the carrier falling on top of me. Just as I reached the breach, for no perceivable reason, the carrier abruptly stopped. There was nothing physically in place to have caused the change in momentum, but it happened. Slowly I began to move the carrier forward and away from the danger.

I was shaken, but my mother’s voice came to me – “His eye is on the sparrow….” I believe at that moment I accepted Jesus. I felt the peace that passes understanding that only faith can deliver. I have grown older, raised a family, pursued a career, and faced darker moments many times. Often when life seems to be most difficult, I remember that day, and those words, and things look much brighter.

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